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Advanced mapping and geo - spatial functionality in your .net solutions



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.Net Web Developers

Key features

  • Turn your existing .NET Web Project into an advanced map server in a few easy steps.
  • Display maps customised to your tastes using standard web technologies.
  • Access a myriad of data-sources that can be represented as layers on your maps through standard .NET technologies.
  • Implement complex geo-spatial functionality with fluent, easy to understand programming tools.


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Decision Makers


Why Go Spatial?

  • Turn data into information: Instantly get information in easy to consume maps and graphics. You dictate what you consume with dynamic and interactive interfaces. See the way your business works in a way that you can easily understand.
  • Improve decision-making: Your data in your format allows you to make the decisions that impact your business quickly and effectively. Complex information including distribution, location, trend and pattern quickly become clear when visually represented.
  • Give depth to your insights: Instantly blending data from inside and outside your organization using historical and real time data sources allows another dimension of decision making. Manage large and varied data sets with ease.

Benefits of Mapzania

  • Clear, transparent and non – transactional pricing.
  • White label applications with no distraction from your brand.
  • Retain control and ownership of all your data.
  • Standard compliant and easy to integrate into your architecture.
  • Proven technology deployed by many organizations.

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Key Features

  •  Ability to create rich compound symbols for map elements.
  •  Ability to mix world values and pixel values to get right blend of sizes.
  • Extensive labelling engine with label conflict setting.
  • Powerful filtering mechanisms at various zoom ranges to tailor maps.
  •  Ability to rotate maps either by default or on-the-fly.


Styling Tools

Mapzania uses an xml styling schema to style maps.

Download the Styling and Set Up Guides

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The Dutch Automobile Association

Mapzania handles multiple live feeds and hundreds of thousands of daily map transactions for the Automobile Association of the Netherlands.

“Using Mapzania allows our developers to access scalable geo-spatial maps, live feeds and other tools from a single and uniform source. This makes it easy to include these within numerous ANWB front-end apps. The list of these is still growing!”
Mike Duijvelaar – ANWB Online

Airports Company of South Africa

Mapzania assists with day-to-day running and management of three international and seven domestic airports for Airports Company South Africa.

“Using Mapzania, we have a full geo-spatial platform in place that assists with daily airport operations, such as safety and security, planning and development, commercial activities and aviation activities. The management of our modern airport ‘mini-cities’ would be almost impossible without this.”
Marzaan Henry – ACSA

City of Cape Town

Mapzania helps Transport for Cape Town improve public transport to keep the citizens of the city on the move.

“The City of Cape Town is currently implementing a transport model to provide the city with world class public transport. Using Mapzania’s geo-spatial platform within our reporting systems has made it simple for City officials to be able to make informed management and design decisions.”
Reggie Springleer – City of Cape Town

AdScape Outdoor Advertising

Adscape Outdoor Advertising Management Software uses Mapzania to add integrated geo-spatial functionality and views to its software suite.

“Using the Mapzania SDK within our outdoor advertising management software suite has allowed us to seamlessly offer the power of geo-spatial tools and views without detracting from our base product or undermining our brand.”
Ilone Collins – Property Development Services (PDS)