User Manual


Visual Studio

Mapzania currently only officially support Visual Studio 2015 or higher.

It is imperative that the latest version of NuGet is installed.


Mapzania only support .NET 4.5.2 or higher. Furthermore it only works with MVC / WebApi projects.

NOTE: If you install the Nuget Package on an older version of .NET, the Mapzania libraries will not be referenced correctly.


Ensure that your project has a reference to the latest Leaflet JavaScript and css libraries.

NOTE: Mapzania's Leaflet integration was implemented using Leaflet 1.3.1. It has not been tested with older versions of Leaflet.


Mapzania requires ECMAScript 2015 and will only work in browsers that fully support this standard.

NOTE: If you need to support a non-ECMAScript 2015 browser, try using one of the many polyfills available

on the web.