Renderer converted to Leaflet

The big news of this release is that we have completely reworked our client-side javascript and replaced our previous custom renderer with the Leaflet renderer due to this being a highly requested feature from you.

One consequence of this is that the Map.addToolbar method has fallen away and is replaced with a configuration object for the toolbar when instantiating the Map object. The map mouse behaviours have also been simplified and changed.

The reading section below has links to the sections that apply to these changes.

Mapzania no longer requires JQuery

With the above changes, we removed Mapzania's dependency on JQuery. In the previous versions of Mapzania, JQuery was used mainly for DOM manipulation by the renderer. This is now all done implicitly by Leafet.


Release Notes

JavaScript Client Library

  • Converted Mapzania renderer to Leaflet renderer
  • Removed dependency on JQuery
  • Reworked entire javascript client library internally
  • Removed Map.addToolbar
  • Added toolbar options settings to Map object