Improvements to MapStyler

A number of changes and bug fixes were made to to styler (see the release notes below).


Release Notes


  • A toolbar was added to the map styler for the following reasons:
    • Manual saving. A button was added to manually save maps (this was happening automatically before and causing problems).
    • Undo and Redo functionality. You can now undo and redo the last instruction that was made in the styler.
    • Back button. This allows for better navigation.
  • More labelling options including:
    • Auto-rotation of labels
    • Conflict resolution
    • Removal of duplicates
  • A button on the Bounding Box settings for copying the current bounding box of the map.
  • The seperation of Feature Layers and Background Layers into two lists
  • Fixed issue with breadcrumb bar (context map)
  • Fixed issue with layer order not persisting
  • Fixed issue where themes only partially covered zoom ranges
  • Fixed issue with visible toggle on labels
  • Made label field into drop-down
  • Reversed compound symbol order
  • Fixed issue where symbols were drawing black instead of styled.