.NET reference, licensing and access control

The .NET reference documentation is here. Check out this link for full details of the .NET server-side API.

Major work was done on how licenses are distribute and validated. It should now be easier to get your license configured than before. Click here to get your free developers license.

Due to a number of requests, access control has been added to the MapStyler.

As always, there are also a couple of bug-fixes included in the new release.


Release Notes


.NET Services Library

  • Reworked licensing libraries
  • Added LicenseKey Option to Mapzania.Services.Start
  • Added MapStylerAccess Option to Mapzania.Services.Start
  • Added the Mapzania_MapStylerAccess and Mapzania_LicenseKey appSettings in web.config

JavaScript Client Library

  • Fixed issue with multi-polygon drawing twice