Unlinking the client and server

After a number of requests to allow the Mapzania client be independent of the server, we have unlinked the two.

There are also a few other changes such as richer point marker functionality, additional options to static images and bug fixes. To see these, check out the release notes below:

Release Notes


  • REST API Linked examples to actual urls on the server.
  • Changed JS API > Map > Options to include server option documentation.
  • Added new parameter info to REST API > GET [root]/maps/[key]/image.
  • Added .NET API > RegisterRoutes > Options.

DotNet Server Library

  • Added ability to change the root-url of Mapzania end-points to values other than the default 'mz'.

JavaScript Client Library

  • Added 'server' option to Map object startup options.
  • Fixed issue with rotation of interval markers on lines.


  • Added width, height and type parameters to GET [root]/maps/[key]/image.


  • Added Chevron point marker style.
  • Added Offset and Rotation to point marker styling.
  • Changed line symbol editing form to tabular format for easier reading.
  • Changed point symbol editing form to tabular format for easier reading.