User Manual

Add Data to a Map

When the map is up and running and displays a background of the center of London, it is possible to add custom data to the map.

To add custom data:

  1. Create a folder inside the App_Data folder of your solution and call it Mapzania_Data.
  2. Download this zipped file: This file contains a set of ESRI Shapefiles for a number of tourist attractions around the London city center.
  3. Extract these files inside the Mapzania_Data folder that you created earlier.
  4. Restart/rebuild your application.
  5. If you navigate to this link: http://[your site]/mz/sources, you will see the layer-sources that you have just added as well as one for the build-in Open Street Map (OSM) tiles.
  6. You can now use these layer-sources as data for your map layers when styling your map (see next section).

HOW IT WORKS: When valid layer-source files are added to the Mapzania_Data folder, they are automatically detected when your application starts up and added as new layer-sources that are available for you to use.